As an elopement, intimate wedding photographer, and outdoor enthusiast my goal is to bring your ideal wedding day experience to life.

The personality and genuine moments that go into an intimate wedding or elopement continue to bring me right in. No intimate wedding or elopement is the same. Even if I were to hike the same trail day and day over, the personalities that you bring shine through and create the most memorable experiences.

Being a vendor at large weddings, I would often notice that the couple would get lost within this massive day, and many times I found them not even celebrating together, but rather doing their due-diligence and greeting their guests separately. Typically the couple always enjoyed the moments they had taking photos just the two of them, to be able to take a moment and enjoy each others company. But, often near the end of the portrait session they felt compelled to get back as soon as possible to entertain their guests and stay on schedule.

Eloping the exact opposite. No rules, strict timelines or distractions pulling you from what matters most. I want you to end your day feeling that even if it wasn’t your wedding day, it would have been a amazing day regardless, and even more special that you got to say yes to spending the rest of your life with your favorite human (Being on top of a mountain, in a canyon, or even on a ski slope helps too..)

I want to learn more about eloping!

How you celebrate your day matters, for the rest of your life

Countless times I have heard from friends and family:

"If I could do it all over again I would just elope"
"It was such a busy blur"
"In the end we just wanted it to be over so we could relax and enjoy each other"

I am so so passionate about elopements because I truly believe that they can represent everything you are about, because in the end that's what it's all about. You. Every detail of your elopement should be meaningful, unique, intimate, stress-free and 100% intentional. And to create an incredibly memorable wedding day that you'll want to live over and over again.



Jacquie and Kevin

Jaycee was amazing! I am not an organized person and therefore was not an organized bride... I was behind in the morning and feeling pretty uneasy. Enter Jaycee, my photographer superhero "I'm full service" she says, and starts steaming dresses while simultaneously taking amazing candid shots of our loving chaos. She fit right into the party! Jaycee and Lacey were most welcome guests at our wedding and got all the shots we wanted while bringing an air of calm and confidence. Needless to say the ceremony started on time!

After the ceremony, Jaycee made sure we had the special moment we needed with my mother-in-law. We both took my mother-in-law's last name and we were so overwhelmed we may not have taken the time to make sure she knew the surprise. We are both Octavio's now and have photographs of the moment we told her that we took her last name, thanks to Jaycee!

All the photos we got back had such variety! She made us look so pretty and also caught so many hilarious and wonderful moments that I will be looking back at to remember this day for years to come. Thank you so much Jaycee. Looking forward to booking you for every life event worth documenting!

Colton and Christine

What. An. Incredible. Experience. From my first interaction with Jaycee to the finished product, Jaycee far exceeded our expectations. She was immediately personal, personable and professional, and truly listened to what I wanted with a clear desire to meet my every need. Jaycee helped me to plan my surprise proposal and engagement shoot, and even stepped up to help carry out the surprise! Following that, she made us feel comfortable during the entire shoot, and we had a blast with her. Jaycee truly is a master at her craft- we couldn’t believe the magic and mood that was captured in her photos. I don’t believe there is another photographer who really gets to know and understand her clients the way Jaycee does. We will absolutely be working with her again- thank you Jaycee for capturing such a beautiful day, and for being an amazing human.

Hilary and Brad

I cannot thank Jaycee enough for capturing our wedding day. She is up for whatever adventure you decide. When we said we planned on getting married outside, in the cold, in January her response was "That sounds perfect, Ill bring the hot chocolate!" Jaycee demonstrated patience and professionalism from the first meeting, to the wedding day, to the delivery of photos. We were so excited to see how our pictures turned out and were amazed by the quality and creativity. She captured every moment perfectly. We would highly recommend Jaycee for your elopement or wedding!! Thank you Jaycee!!

Mason and Lacey

With Jaycees excellent outdoor and trail experience we were able to plan and execute an awesome proposal. My girlfriend (fiancé now) Lacey didn’t see it coming at all as she thought this was going to be a photo shoot with her friend Jaycee. Little did she know I would pop the question and afterwards we had an amazing engagement session. Thank you Jaycee!!!





What happens if we don't have a location in mind or aren't from the area?

For over 3 years I have been scouting locations in a variety of places. Once you have placed your deposit and booked your date, part of the planning process is going over locations that speak to you and finding the perfect fit for need, accessibility and seasonal considerations.

We really want to elope, but like the idea of having our immediate family and a couple close friends there.

Eloping isn't the "lets run off to Vegas to secretly get married" anymore. The best part of eloping is that you can make it exactly what you want, with who you want. It can be just the two of you, or you can invite up to ~20 of your closest friends and family.

We can't image our day without our dogs.

BRING THEM. 100x YES. I mean. Dogs are ok I guess.

What happens if my dress gets dirty?

Is it really an elopement if it doesn't get dirty? Besides, I hear ombre is in, or at least that's what my hairdresser told me.

We're not from the area, but we would love to see our location before eloping there to make sure it's the best fit for us.

During the planning process for your wedding day we will be in contact several times to talk about locations, accessibility needs, seasonal expectations and how to prepare for your elopement. Prior to capturing elopements and intimate weddings professionally, I was also (and still am) an avid outdoors enthusiast and would be happy to share photos from past scouting trips, hikes, elopements to give you all the information you need about your location.

We love the outdoors, but don't have all the supplies we might need, do you provide gear for elopements?

Although I do have bear spray, first aid kit, and a variety of other supplies and gear that we may need, it will be a requirement of the couple to have good hiking shoes and the proper layers and any other seasonal requirements to get to your locations. If you are not planning on using these items again, there are many options to rent or buy second hand.

How much are your travel fees and costs?

All packages are designed to include travel fees and costs so there are no extra surprises or worries going into your wedding day.


Let's Be Friends!


Instagram is my favorite place to showcase my most recent work and share some behind the scenes of shoots, locations, elopements and even into my life (let's be honest, it's just lots of photos and videos of my dogs. You've been warned). If you aren't a social media queen, head on over to the blog to check out some of my most recent shoots and events!